olive-colored raine

An unidentified woman. Photographed by Wingate Paine, c. 1964-65.

“Her Crowning Glory” (1911) - Laurence Trimble

Alex Dunstan | Port #6 | ph. Amber Rowlands

Elizabeth Taylor and James Dean on set of “Giant” (1956)

Since I shared something so negative about the way I felt in the past, I figure it might be good to tell how I’m feeling now. I’m reaching my goals. I’m learning more about myself and how to deal with situations in life. My mindset is not as polluted with what others think of me; because I’m starting to believe that if you always prove to yourself you’re doing what you know is right, no one can question it at all.

I’m experiencing more and I’m wiser. I’m happy to keep living and learning. And I’m looking forward always to what the future might hold for me. I want to do my best and always focus on what I should be focusing on. So far that hasn’t failed me, and I sincerely do not believe it ever will.


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